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Matching Sets

In this section you'll find over 2000 totally original buttons and lines. The buttons are available in various sizes, and all the buttons and lines match enabling you to get a consistent "look" for your pages. Click on any of the main set categories below to get started.

Sets 1
Plain coloured, available in 26 different colours.

Sets 2
Various materials, wood, rock, snakeskin etc.

Sets 3
Shiny gradients, a little bit like metal.

Sets 4
More objects, mainly natural, leaves, grass etc.

Sets 5
Wild patterns, quite loud !!

Sets 6
All wooden, various shades of wood.

Sets 7
Plain colours, but all with an "indent" in the centre.

Sets 8
Plain colours but with a slight stucco style pattern.

Sets 9
Plain colours, quite shiny with a swirly pattern.

Sets 10
Various patterns, from subtle to very loud !!

Sets 11
More patterns, again, from subtle to very loud.

Sets 12
Plain colours, but with a sort of square, blobby pattern.

Sets 13
Plain colours but with a square pattern, a bit like an ice-cream biscuit.


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